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Amiable is the leading in Exothermic Welding Manufacturer and Supplier in The Republic of China.

Exothermic Welding is also known in the Market with different brand names such as AMIABLEWELD, CADWELD, ERICO, EXOWELD, KUMWELL, FURSEWELD, THERMOWELD, AIWELD.
We as Amiable Weld are one of the biggest and largest Manufacturer of Exothermic Weld Powder and Exothermic Welding Graphite Mold in India as well as Overseas. Exothermic welding is most commonly used for permanently joining copper conductors.Get high quality of Our products at quickest lead time with fast response time. Full Customer Satisfaction. Our Products are tested and approved by CPRI Govt Body, Its also CE and ROHS Certified and we are also certified by ISO 9001:2008, Civil verified Company.

What Exothermic Welding works ? (Exothermic Welding in The Republic of China)

Exothermic welding is most commonly used for permanently joining copper conductors or Copper Tapes / Copper Strips. It is the only acceptable means of bonding copper to Copper cable. Lightning protection and grounding systems require connections that maintain current carrying capacity exceeding that of the conductors used in the system. AMIABLE connections provide higher fusing capacity than the conductors to which they are bonded. It can also be used to Joint not only Copper but also Stainless steel, Cast iron, steel, Brass, Bronze, and other similar metals. For joining two dissimilar metals, exothermic welding is a good option. AMIABLEWELD meets these challenges and delivers assurance.

We Manufacture Exothermic Welding Powder and Exothermic Welds Graphite Mold and Supply and Provide Exothermic Welding Services also inThe Republic of China- Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong (Chinese: Xianggang), Guangzhou (Canton),Taipei (Chinese: Taibei),Lhasa (Chinese: Lasa),Shenzhen, Tianjin, Dongguan, Nanjing, Wuhan, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Harbin, Suzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu, Quanzhou, Wenzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao, Changsha, Zhengzhou.

To view our Certificate please click here : E-Certificates Of Exothermic Welding

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Exothermic Welding Process

Exothermic Welding Animated Demo

Exothermic Welding Process

Exothermic Welding Live Demo


How Exothermic Welding Works?

The Exothermic weld System is a welding process that utilizes an exothermic reaction (a chemical reaction that releases energy in the form of very high temperatures and light) to permanently joins metal connections.

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When Exothermic Welding is require ?

When there is an improper connections between conductors which are often the reason for electrical malfunctions. A proper connection should have the following characteristics..

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When Exothermic Weld is Used?

The Exothermic Weld Connecting created a permanent, homogeneous, and molecular bond that cannot loosen or corrode, and will carry more current that the conductor.

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Process for Exothermic Weld in The Republic of China is as follows:

Exothermic Welding Accessories

We’ve been providing the highest quality exothermic welding accessories.

Exothermic Weld COMMON JOINTS :

1) Cable To Cable Joints - Exothermic Weld

Straight TEE Joint / T Joint X - Joint
copper-cable-to-copper-cable-straight-joint-graphite-mould copper-cable-to-copper-cable-tee-t-joint-graphite-mould copper-cable-to-copper-cable-x-joint-graphite-mould

2) Cable to Rod Joints - Exothermic Weld

Horizontal Joint TEE Joint / T Joint X - Joint
copper-cable-to-ground-rod-graphite-mould copper-cable-to-rod-tee-t-joint-graphite-mould copper-cable-to-rod-connections-x-joint

3) Cable To Bar Joints - Exothermic Weld

Cable Tap To Bar - TEE / T Joint Cable Run To Bar - TEE / T Joint
CB4-Exothermic-Welding-Bar-to-Cable-T-TEE-Joint-Graphite-Mold-Manufacturer-And-Exporter copper-cable-run-to-copper-bar-tee-t-joint-graphite-mould
4) Cable To Surface (Steel/Copper) Joints - Exothermic Weld

Cable To Surface (Steel / Copper) Cable Run To Surface (Steel / Copper)
copper-cable-run-to-surface-steel-copper-graphite-mould copper-cable-to-surface-steel-copper-graphite-mould
5) Bar to Bar Connections (BB)- Exothermic Welding

Straight Joint TEE Joint / T Joint
copper-bar-to-copper-bar-straight-joint-graphite-mould copper-bar-to-copper-bar-tee-t-joint-graphite-mould
Full Cross Joint Half Cross Joint
copper-bar-to-copper-bar-full-cross-joint-graphite-mould copper-bar-to-copper-bar-half-cross-joint-graphite-mould

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