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Amiable Impex, an ISO Certified Company and a conforming IEEE Product International Standard, stands at the forefront as the premier manufacturer and supplier of high-quality Exothermic Welding products in India.

What is Exothermic Weld?

Exothermic welding is a process that creates a strong electrical connection by using a chemical reaction to join two or more metal components. During this process, a special mixture is ignited, producing extremely high temperatures, which then melt the metal pieces together, forming a durable and reliable bond.

About Amiable Impex

Our Firm AMIABLE IMPEX is well established organization in India and overseas market and we are the sole manufacturer of Exothermic Weld Powder and Graphite Mold in India

UL Certified

We are UL Certified and our products is tested in Canada at Powertech Lab for our Exothermic Joints.

We have the following Test Certificate:

  • 1) IEEE 837-2014 (Mechanical Pull Test, Resistance Test, Freeze Thaw Test, Salt Spray Test)
  • 2) UL Certified

We have earned a good reputation amongst our international customers with our Quality Assurance, On time delivery and High Customer Satisfaction. To ensure consistent product quality, we work within a quality system that is approved with ISO 9001 - 2008 certification from TUV .

We have below In House Testing facilities:

  1. Metallurgical Test - Spectrometer & Microscope Testing (Upto 1000x Zoom)
  2. Mechanical Test - Brinell Hardness Machine (Upto 3000 Kg) & Transverse Load Testing Machine (Upto 200 T Min)
  3. Physical Test - Magnetic Crack Detection Test & Digital Ultrasonic Machine (USFD Test)
  4. Chemical Test - Fully Equipped Chemical Lab

We have fully equipped engineering machinery in-house like CNC Machine, VMC Machine, Lathe, Thada, Rotary Kleen, Automatic Batch Mixer, Electrical Furnace, etc...

Our All products are CE and ROHS Compliance

Some of our renowned Customers are Siemens, L&T, KEC, Reliance, Sterling & Wilson, Kalpataru, TATA, GE, Tata etc... We also have Global exports of almost 60% and Supplying to the Saudi Electricity Board, Saudi Aramco, Zambia Electricity Board, Bangladesh Electricity Board, Ghana Electricity Board through our contractors & customers..


Exothermic Welding Kit

Our Exothermic Welding Kit provides a comprehensive solution for creating robust and long-lasting electrical connections. Whether you're in telecommunications, power distribution, or grounding systems, this kit simplifies the process, ensuring durable, low-resistance joints. Say goodbye to unreliable connections and hello to superior performance with our Exothermic Welding Kit.

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Exothermic Weld Common Joints

Exothermic welding excels at creating various joints, including cable-to-cable, cable-to-rod, cable-to-steel, and more. These joints ensure durable, low-resistance connections, vital in industries like telecommunications, electrical, and grounding systems. Discover the versatility and strength of exothermic welding for your common joint needs.

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Exothermic Welding Process

Exothermic welding is a transformative process, uniting metal components with extreme heat generated by a chemical reaction. This fusion creates enduring, low-resistance connections, essential in sectors like power distribution, telecommunications, and grounding systems. Explore the science and artistry behind exothermic welding, a method trusted for its robust, long-lasting results.

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Exothermic Welding Process

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